ADA Times

I’ve written numerous articles for ADA Times, the magazine of the American Dietetic Association. The features below were part of a  2008-2009 series on global nutrition:

In Japan, food is no laughing matter. This is a country where a bowl of sticky rice inspires an almost religious reverence, where an artfully prepared child’s lunchbox is a source of maternal pride. Year of International Dietetics: Japan

Marise Austin, a dietitian in Saint Joseph, Trinidad, counsels a seven-year-old patient during a recent outpatient visit. Year of International Dietetics: Trinidad and Tobago

To call the Republic of Iceland a land of extremes is an understatement. Located on a simmering fault line in the North Atlantic Ocean, much of this European island country is marked by deserts, ice caps, volcanoes and lava fields. Year of International Dietetics: Iceland